Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Prior to connection of a new water main, the majority of Water Utility companies require proof that the new main does not leak. Water Utility companies now have strict guidlines and procedures in place for pressure testing. Pressure testing often requires specialist expertise as well as satisfactory evidence, which in most cases requires full data logging and graphical analysis.

The purpose of pressure testing any new water main or service connection is primarily to identify its structural integrity for any leakage and to verify the performance of the new main or service laid for adoption and acceptability.

Hydrostatic pressure testing is used to identify any faults, leaks or defects from:

  • Poor pipe laying procedures or workmanship during the construction of the main or pipe.                                            
  • Damage to any pipework, materials or fittings during construction.                                                                                                      
  • Non- conforming fusion joints or tapping bands or saddles, flange sets, or mechanical joint.                       
  • Any manufacturing defects of Mains, Pipe, Materials or Fittings. 

S P Environmental Services LTD carries out hydrostatic pressure testing of all PE mains & pipe work that is tested using a TYPE 2 test and is carried out in strict accordance with IGN-4-01-03 – Issue 2– Pressure Testing of Pressure Pipes and Fittings for Use by Public Water Suppliers.

We use the latest equipment that is purpose built for the job such as;

  • Petrol or electric driven pressure test pumps
  • Aluminium test manifold 
  • Data logger to produce graphs 
  • Stainless steel fittings to prevent corrosion contamination to the new main
  • Computer software that gives a PASS/FAIL whilst on site 

Our engineers are all trained in pressure testing (EUSR approved) along side holding both a EUSR and CSCS card, we issue details RAMS prior to starting any work. We will issue certification and a produce a photographic report including highlighted sections that have been pressure tested upon completion. We work closely with all U.K water boards to ensure that their requirements are met in accordance with IGN-4-01-03 – Issue 2.


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