Closed System Analysis

Closed System Sampling & Monitoring

On the 30th November 2012 BS 8552 was released; this standard addresses:-

"Sampling and monitoring of water from building services closed systems. Code of practice"

BS 8552:2012 addresses the particular issues of sampling water from closed-circuit heating and cooling systems in buildings and related infrastructure, from construction, pressure testing, pre-commission cleaning and commissioning to routine operation. The purpose of sampling a closed-circuit water system is to provide information about the current condition of that system and/or the water within it. That might include, but is not limited to, water treatment status, water quality, bacteriological contamination and corrosion activity. Confidence in the results obtained, which are crucially dependent on consistent sampling and analysis protocols, is extremely important to industry.

BS 8552:2012 gives recommendations for the design of the sampling programme during each phase of the system lifecycle, including the location and suitability of sampling points, frequency of sampling and recordkeeping, to facilitate the control of closed system water quality throughout the life of the building.

It also gives guidance on:

Procedures for the collection, preservation, handling and storage of samples prior to analysis (by reference to BS EN ISO 56673Water Quality. Sampling. Preservation and handling of water samples; see below); analytical methods (by reference to other British Standards and approved methods )and the statistical treatment of results

The selection of the analytical parameters appropriate to the sampled system and life stage.

Correct maintenance of closed systems will ensure they operate within their design parameters and lifetime, if systems are not correctly treated and maintained then this will lead to unnecessary fuel bills, co2 emissions and eventually system failure.

At S P Envornmental Services we are able to offer our clients with peace of mind that not only do we understand exactly what is right for their systems in terms of treatment, but we also are able to interpret laboratory analysis and trends to understand if there are potential issues within a system. We have a closed system consulants located around the UK and offer free on site surveys/consulntancy. 


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