Closed System Flushing

S P Environmental Services LTD strives to deliver contracting services of the highest quality and all works undertaken are in accordance with the relevant; British Standards, CIBSE, BSRIA, Health & Safety Executive Guidelines, Approved Codes of Practice and Government published legislation.

As the demand to design and deliver stylish new buildings which also offer energy saving and environmental efficiency increases, so does the complexity of the buildings' services installation. These systems require the highest standards of system cleanliness in order to function effectively meaning that the importance of system flushing and water treatment has never been higher.

S P Environmental Services LTD has positioned itself in the market place to offer its customers a full range of water treatment services to ensure that the installed piped services operate effectively. These flushing and water treatment services are listed below:

  • Dynamic flushing of closed systems in accordance with (BG 29/2020) (BG29/2012)
  • Biocide washing of closed systems in accordance with (BG29/2020) (BG29/2012)
  • Pre-commission cleaning of closed systems to (BG29/2020) (BG29/2012)
  • Chlorination/disinfection in accordance with BS6700 and HSE ACOP L8
  • UKAS accredited microbiological and chemical analysis services

Revision History

First edition: AG 8/91 Pre-Commissioning Cleaning of Water Systems
Second edition: AG 1/2001 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems
Third edition: AG 1/2001.1 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems (published in 2004)
Fourth edition: BG 29/2011 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems
Fifth edition: BG 29/2012 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems
Sixth edition: BG 29/2020 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems

When to specify a BSRIA flush

The BSRIA guidance document BG29/2020 is for new pipework systems, not for remedial cleaning or flushing. If you are specifying a BSRIA flush on existing pipework systems, you may expect the service provider to follow the recommendations and methodology defined in BG29/2020, but there are several criteria that would not be relevant or even achievable. This is why good engineering judgement is required when carrying out remedial cleaning or flushing of existing pipework systems. You need someone experienced and someone you can trust.

Newly installed pipework, for both heated and chilled closed systems, should be flushed of all debris that has built up during the installation process. This includes oils, dust and dirt from building work, rust and scale, all of which can be present within a newly installed system.

Ensuring your new installation has received a pre-commission system flush, will not only remove this unwanted debris, oil and grease from pipework and system parts, but will also help to ensure the longevity of your system. The use of our own, specifically designed and blended biocides and inhibitors will remove, and help to stop the build-up of rust, scale and other deposits that would naturally occur in an otherwise unflushed system.





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