L8 Remedial Works

S P Environmental Services Ltd can offer a total package of ‘L8 Remedial Works’ that would include:

  1. Upgrading existing tanks to the L8 recommendation to include such items as:
    • New compliant lids/lid vents
    • Overflow screens
    • New lagging
    • New hatches
    • Re-routing pipework to ensure correct flow through the tanks
    • Re-routing ‘ hot return pipes’ form hot water systems
  2. The installation of new compliant tanks
  3. Dead leg removal
  4. Removal of redundant pipe work sections/showers etc
  5. Refurbishment of cooling towers to include
    • Replacement of pack installs
    • Replacement distribution systems
    • Fit access hatches
  6. Why do I need to do legionella remedial works?
  7. After undertaking the legionella risk assessment it will have identified a number of risk areas within your report, that you need to remove or remedy to reduce the risk of exposure to legionnaires disease.
  8. So whilst you have undertaken the initial risk assessment, you must now take corrective measures to bring your water system into compliance with the Approved Code of Practice (L8) also known as the HSG 274. As part of your remedial actions legionella testing may also be necessary to determine if there is currently a legionella presence

When and how often do I need to do remedial works?

You will only need to carry out legionella remedial works once if actioned correctly. Should you make any additional changes to your water system it is important to consult with your water hygiene consultant to ensure the changes meet regulations. However, legionella monitoring is an ongoing requirement where inspections and monitoring tasks should be carried out throughout the year. Periodic reviews of the legionella risk assessment should also be completed.

Legionella remedial works example – your legionella risk assessment might identify that your cold water storage tank has no lid or that you have a number of dead ends (pipe work that has been capped off and allows the water to stagnate). By carrying out legionella remedial works you will have installed a new tank lid, and removed the dead ends reducing the risk of legionella growth. These works will not need to be carried out again.

How long will the legionella remedial works take?

Our engineers will work closely with you to ensure minimal disruption to your business is caused. Clear and easy access to rooms and buildings will play a part in time spent on site at your premises along with the amount of work that needs to be undertaken. But for an approximate duration contact our friendly team and they’ll be able to provide estimated timeframes.

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  • Works Required
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