Side Stream Filter Installation

S P Environmental Services are proud to offer a full turnkey solution for supply, installation and service of the X-Pot side stream filters onto all types of closed system.

Side stream filtration on closed systems is advised by BSRIA in BG29 and BG50 as this type of system can suffer from debris left in following installation or modification, and also suffer from a build-up of solid material and sludge which can affect the chemical treatment programmes.  Solid material in a closed system can also impact on system performance, energy efficiency, block mechanical devices such as heat exchangers & valves and provide ideal sites for under-deposit corrosion and bacterial growth.


Why is the X-Pot the best solution?

The X-POT is the only product which offers versatility, value engineering and meets the intent of BSRIA BG29 and BG50.

The X-Pot removes air and system microbubbles, reducing oxygen levels within the system water which is a major contributing element of corrosion and will also capture and remove magnetic and nonmagnetic suspended solids down to an industry best 0.5 micron via the twin filtration of magnetic grate and the non-magnetic cartridge filter. It can also be used as a dosing pot to add chemicals to the system.

  • Very easy to maintain, as demonstrated in the below video and service of an X-Pot can be supported through S P Environmental Services
  • It is proven technology and supported with an extensive case study conducted over a four month period at St Pancreas Hospital, London. 

Water Conservation: through using an X-Pot side stream filter at the pre-commissioning stage it will capture the installation debris which will enable more of the flushing water to be recirculated and reduce the volume of water discharged to drain.

Reduce Cost: through using an X-Pot side stream filter at the pre-commissioning stage it can be possible to achieve a clean system quicker than through flushing alone.  This will reduce the labour requirement, reduce the volume of water needed to achieve a clean system and aid with completing the pre-commissioning project ahead of schedule.  By retaining an X-Pot on a closed system after pre-commissioning and handover, it will support with keeping the system clean in conjunction with an appropriate chemical treatment programme.

Prolong the system operation life: using an X-Pot side stream filter, either at installation of a new closed system or retro-fitting to an existing system will reduce the risk of solid deposition and under deposit corrosion in areas of low flow.

Improve System Performance: an X-Pot can prevent the build up of sludge and accumulation of solid deposits.  By eliminating these unwanted solids from the system water it will help prevent heat exchangers becoming blocked, protect pump impellers and improve the energy efficiency of the system.

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